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Why switch to hemp fashion?

The first rule of fashion is that it must be ‘fashionable.’ In the case of hemp fashion, as people are getting more and more enlightened about its benefits, the demand of hemp fashion is reaching its peak with every approaching day. Due to high demand, more and more big designers and brands are also approaching this fabric. As a result, the fashion options available in hemp fashion are increasing day by day.

Hemp is an incredibly strong fabric. Instead of getting worn out after every wash like other fabrics, hemp gets stronger with every wash and is less prone to fading. The average life of this fabric is relatively ten times more than others. Hemp fashion is an apt clothing choice for all seasons. Its capacity to block the ultraviolet rays of sun from reaching to your skin makes it suitable for summers. As a complimentary benefit, this feature will also work as a protection from deadly cancer caused by these rays. As hemp is a breathable fabric, it keeps you warm in winters and cool in summers. Hemp is also great water absorbent which makes it a good choice for rainy seasons and coastal areas.


The fabric is also considered as a blessing for people with sensitive skin. Due to their skin type, such people are prone to fungus and bacterium that usually results in itching and allergy. Hemp is a hypoallergenic and is resistant to all such fungus and bacteria and acts as a shield to the skin.

This fabric is much preferred by designers and producers due to its versatility. This fabric can be easily blended into other fabrics like cotton, jute or silk. This blend can add more comfort and ease to the users. 

Hemp fashion comes under eco-fashion. Hemp fashion is now widely recognized as sustainable fashion. As hemp does not require any fertilizers and pesticides for protection, it protects the soil from nutrient depletion and sustains soil erosion. It also pulls a great amount of carbon dioxide from the environment which can help in combating climate changes in the long term. Moreover, all hemp products are biodegradable and can be recycled in any form. Therefore, switching to hemp fashion can greatly contribute to combat major environmental disorders in the current situation. Hemp can save the environment from future crises due to water scarcity and pollution. Not only this, it can also save the fashion industry from the allegation of being a major contributor to the piles of wastes around landfills as hemp is a waste-free fashion choice. Making such shifts is the need of the hour and no longer an option. It is our duty therefore, for the environment we are living in, to switch if such alternatives are available.

From these multiple properties of hemp, it can be substantially concluded that hemp fashion has an excellent scope for sustainability. This crop is cheap, organic, versatile and environment friendly. Switching to hemp fashion would mean plantation and production of more and more hemp, which would in turn disseminate all these benefits to the environment on a higher scale. Hemp is undoubtedly a magic crop and it definitely has the qualities of transforming the world both in terms of community and the planet on a whole. Thus, just a small step of switching from conventional clothing to hemp fashion can prove to be a dynamite for the future of this world.

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