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Hemp is the future.

Looking at the world around us today, what can be one’s vision for the future? Certainly, there are multiple things on which one would like to see improvements, developments and changes. In order to have a better future, it has become important to get away from our current utility pattern and choose everything we consume with more consciousness. The need of the hour for the consumers today, is to choose sustainable; which would only be possible if one chooses consciously.


Nature has indeed showered a number of sustainable products on this earth which can easily fulfil the needs of man without harming itself. The duty and religion of man is now to identify these products, put it to use and help it reach as many as possible. One such product available to us as a blessing of nature is Hemp. It contains many such features that can act as utopia in the current situation; which means that it is the future.

Hemp is the future.

Hemp is a distinctive crop that can help us and our future generations to share a better future. The cultivation of hemp does not require any pesticides or fertilizers. It saves the soil and the environment. Hemp saves the soil from these harmful chemicals that can deplete the soil quality and lead to adverse effects on the future crops and thence the lives of people. Hemp plantations can also be beneficial for pollinators like bees that are present in nature.

One of the essential natural resources which requires our attention is water. Everyone is aware that saving water is the need of the hour. Hemp requires much less water to grow as compared to any other industrial crop. It also grows at a very fast pace. This reduces the overall usage of water in this plant. Other related crops such as cotton use water as much as four times more than hemp. Not only this, research proves that hemp pulls a great amount of carbon dioxide from the air. This amount is much greater than that of trees or other plants of similar size. More usage of this plant even help combat climate change. At that, this plant nourishes the nutrient depleted soil and reverses the harmful effects of soil erosion. 

Growing hemp is not much of a hassle as compared to other crops of its domain. Moreover, hemp has proved to be very versatile when put to industrial use. Products that can be made of hemp include clothes, shoes, ropes, milk, soaps, paper, fuel, oil and many more. If this enormous variety of products will be produced and consumed, it will be a win-win situation for all. Undoubtedly, it will help heal the environment, which is much needed for future sustenance. Moreover, it is a great choice for the consumers in today’s time of inflation and competition where it is quite impossible to distinguish between worthy and worthless products. Hemp is much less expensive than other materials as it has minimal growth requirements and expenses. This overall makes the hemp products cost effective; which is not only good for the producers and the consumers but for the overall growth of the nation. These products, when put to use in a considerable quantity can help shape the future of the nation on a whole. 

Certainly, all the products made from hemp are a great option to consume; particularly the hemp fabric is proving to be the best substitute of the current fabric options available largely. The hemp fabric is resistant to the ultraviolet rays and the bacteria present in the atmosphere. It is also lightweight and absorbent. The fabric is also much stronger than the other fabrics which are largely used by people like cotton; hemp is three times the tensile of cotton. In a nutshell, we can clearly examine that hemp fabric contains all the qualities that are fit and even transcend the requirements of people today. Hence, hemp is an unrivalled future in the world of fabrics.

Through the means of various researches, scientists have pointed out that by replacing many common products with hemp alternatives, we can certainly move towards a sustainable medium of production and consumption. Thus, hemp is the need of the hour and we can contribute our part to nature by making these wise choices. 

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