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Facts about Hemp Fabric

Hemp is a sustainable textile made of fibres from Cannabis Sativa plant. Though hemp has a long history behind being used for industrial and other purposes, Its perks and valuable stance has been ignored by the people in current times. The reason for this ignorance is certainly lack of awareness. People still need to know what a gem of a fabric hemp is. Examining the current situation, hemp is not a ‘want’ or luxury but a ‘need,’ the need of the hour.

When it comes to choosing something, awareness or knowledge is the prerequisite. So, before you choose hemp here’s all you need to know about it:-

  • As Hemp and Marijuana come from same family of plant i.e. Cannabis plant, hemp is often associated with having the same properties as the drug. However, this is just a misconception. When cannabis contains significant amounts of THC and is psychoactive, it’s characterized as marijuana. If the plant has only trace amounts of THC and is non-psychoactive, it’s classified as hemp: same species, different plant. In fact, considering the benefits of hemp, many countries have legalised the plantation of this crop. 
  • Some people even often consider it as a new kind of fabric. However, hemp is one of the oldest crops, in fact, its cultivation is recorded as early as 2800 BC. 
  • Switching to hemp clothing would mean planting more hemp plants, which can in turn save the planet. Hemp plant is a carbon warrior. It absorbs the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at a faster pace than other plants and trees. Moreover, it requires much less water and land to grow than other crops.
  • It neither pollutes the water, nor the soil. Unlike other crops, the soil becomes even more fertile after the growth of hemp. Hemp cultivation does not require chemical fertilizers or pesticides as it is naturally pest resistant.
  • Not only to the environment, it provides endless benefits to an individual as well. Hemp clothing is magical enough to surprise you. This fabric softens with every wash. These clothes even stay clean and odourless for a longer period of time as they have antimicrobial properties. It is naturally resistant from the harmful UV rays as well.
  • Hemp is one of the strongest and durable fabrics. It is a wonder fabric that hemp stays soft and strong at the same time. 
  • Along with many pros, hemp fabric has some bearable cons as well. As compared to other fabrics like cotton, it might feel a bit rigid and tougher sometimes. However, it softens after every wash. Also, it may be blended with other fabrics sometimes to make it feel softer.
  • It is also seen that hemp tends to wrinkle quite easily. This is why, it may need a bit more attention for maintenance. When laundering hemp fabrics some special measures have to be taken care of. One has to make sure to use cold water, and avoid chlorine bleaches. Ideally, one has to allow the hemp to air dry. The process of using a dryer could cause wrinkles, and the item of clothing could shrink. This creates the process even lengthier. However, it is possible to dry clean hemp clothing, which is again a costly process. 
  • Like other organic items in the market, which are overall beneficial for an individual, society and the environment as a whole, but a bit pricey. Similarly, hemp clothing is also organic, which makes it quite expensive than other options available in the market currently. Nonetheless, the price, when compared to its perks, becomes completely justified. Hemp clothing is ethical, sustainable and futuristic. As the demand for eco-friendly and organic clothing increases, sustainable and ethical fashion will become more affordable in the coming years.

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